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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lexington stop last on Obama itinerary

LEXINGTON - Sen. Barack Obama concluded a nearly two-week cross-country route trip Lord'S Day nighttime and said he was inspired by the crowds that followed his presidential campaign, including 2,200 in his concluding stop: Kentucky.

"I've been on the road 12 days," Obama said during the mass meeting at Lexington's convention center. "I've been running out of clean laundry. I won't give you the details."

The attendees, most of whom stood during the hourlong rally, paid at least $25 for the right to see and hear the Prairie State senator, who canvasses show is running 2nd behind New House Of York Sen. Edmund Hillary Bill Bill Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

He didn't name Clinton or any of his Democratic opponents, but did do mention to a recent clang he had with some of his foes over his statements acknowledging he would speak with knave nations.

"I'm not afraid to negociate with anybody because I cognize what United States stand ups for," he said. "We don't have got got to be chesty to be strong."

Obama, who was coming from New Orleans where he spoke about recovery from Hurricane Katrina, also appeared at a similar mass meeting earlier this twelvemonth in Louisville, where he was greeted by 3,000 people.

The senator said he hoped this would be the twelvemonth Bluegrass State would stop a run of vote for Republican presidential nominees.

"You've got a Bluegrass state, how are you going to have a reddish state voting?" he said. "It just doesn't work."

Obama's visit to Lexington came just a few hours after the metropolis memorialized the one-year anniversary of Comair flight 5191, which killed 49 people. Obama said his supplications were with the victims.

"I just desire to add my voice to seek to comprehend what A hard calamity that must be," he said.

The remainder of his fiery tree stump address was traditional Obama - no short letters or podium, just wandering the phase with a mike and delivering popular hand clapping lines to the Democratic faithful.

He talked about bringing military personnel place from Iraq, support preschool programs, ceasing dependance on dodo combustibles for oil, providing wellness attention for everyone who necessitates it and ending taxation cuts that benefit affluent Americans.

When he begins talking about those things in Washington, Obama says, people often name him a "hope peddler" or "hope monger."

"I stand up guilty as charged," he said.

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Amber Wilkerson said Obama's Bluegrass State visual aspect would do no difference next fall.

"The more than than clip Barack Obama passes in Bluegrass State touting his broad proposals to raise taxations for working households and choke off support for our troops, the more likely electors in this state will re-elect a Republican president in 2008," Wilkerson said.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is HIV a Huge Hoax?

In order to work out the HIV/AIDS pandemic that have faced world in the last 30 years, we necessitate to look at the whole topic anew. We necessitate to inquire a inquiry that in the heads of the bulk is so distressing that it is not deserving thought about. My inquiry is quite simple. Are HIV/AIDS A hoax? Are we facing the greatest screen up in modern history? Are human immunodeficiency virus the cause of acquired immune deficiency syndrome or are we embarking on a wild goose chase? Are some collusive darkness military units at work?

In order to give replies to these, allow us dwell on a fictitious-or maybe not so fabricated scenario. Imagine a man of science in a laboratory somewhere detects that a works from the Amazon can be used as juice to get rid of all marks of acquired immune deficiency syndrome in 30 days. (By the manner such as a works makes exist). Imagine also that he used this herbaceous plant on 1000 patients and all marks of acquired immune deficiency syndrome cleared in 30 days. At long last a remedy for acquired immune deficiency syndrome is finally found! We have got establish a remedy for acquired immune deficiency syndrome that is inexpensive, simple, and all natural with no side personal effects and can easily be establish in a wellness nutrient stores. Anyone with the fearfulness of catching human immunodeficiency virus would simply travel to the local wellness nutrient shop and drink this juice without the demand for doctor's prescription. What make you believe would happen? International awards for this man of science as well the Alfred Nobel Prize for services to humanity. The whole medical community would be thankful to this adult male and the human race would be a better place.

Unfortunately, the human race we dwell in makes not work that way. In fact, there is likeliness that he will be arrested and looked up for practicing medical specialty without license. The information regarding the works will be suppressed. Otherwise if the information got out, the information could be terrible to all concerned. Almost immediately, millions of dollars would be wiped out of the human race stock marketplaces with 100s of one thousands of occupations lost, All the HIV/AIDS organisations would be closed down, millions of dollars would be lost to parasite organisations such as as acquired immune deficiency syndrome charities, research organizations, authorities bodies, trusts, the mass media aligned to HIV/AIDS campaign, The acquired immune deficiency syndrome societies, and not to speak of the pharmaceutical companies involved in merchandising human immunodeficiency virus drugs that makes not heal the disease! The United States alone have spent almost $200 billion on the warfare to struggle against AIDS!

You see the HIV/AIDS is an extremely moneymaking hard cash generating income for all concerned. Money is a more than powerful motive than truth. As long as the general populace is griped with the fearfulness about this disease the more than than moneymaking it goes and the more we are told that a 'cure is on its way' the same message have been repeated since 1984.

If economical involvement is not the ground for not finding a remedy for AIDS, then what is? Surely with all the medical brains, clip and millions of dollars spent, one thousands of lives lost we should come up near to a solution. If man, who was able to direct adult male to the moon, develops ace sonic jets, split the atom, could he not happen a agency to kill this human immunodeficiency virus virus we a told causes AIDS?

The human immunodeficiency virus virus looks to be imbued with occult powers. This we are told is a retrovirus once infection have occurred in world would unquestionably ensue in death-100%. We are also told that this virus that is a little as 0.0001mm can do up to 30 different diseases and devastate the full immune system of its victims. Unlike other retroviruses which are fast that causes diseases three hebdomads after infection, human immunodeficiency virus is slow tin stay in the organic structure for up twelve old age before diseases may develop. This agency that the human immunodeficiency virus possesses charming abilities to reactivate, mutate, transmigrate and hibernate for that length of time. Thus is features are different from other similar viruses.

I surmise that this slow virus hypothesis used by human immunodeficiency virus advocates to purchase clip when the slow playing human immunodeficiency virus was not immediately causing any disease.

Also, when a individual diagnostic diagnostic tests positive to the human immunodeficiency virus tests it is not that the virus was isolated and identified in the blood. It is because the diagnostic tests place high grade of anti organic structures present. These antibodies emerge when the organic structure is being attacked by microbes, once the anti organic structures are released, according to men of science the bugs are either killed or immobilized and rendered harmless. That is why we retrieve from a cold when we are infected. Thus disease cannot take topographic point after the antibodies is released which looks to be the topographic point with HIV/AIDS. Why is this basic fact of scientific discipline turned upside down with HIV? By the manner we have got one thousands of retroviruses within our organic structure system that causes us no harm!

There is an statement by leading retro virologist that Retro viruses don't kill T-cells to causes disease. Even if they make they cannot green goods sufficiency to kill all the T-cells enough to do disease. T-cells can reproduce at 5% A day. Thus human immunodeficiency virus can only infect 1 cell in 1000 or 1 cell in 100,000, nowhere to convey down the full immune system enough to do AIDS. It is like saying a homemaker will decease of a fatal disease while slightly cutting her finger slicing vegetables!

Leaving the scientific disciplines aside, why it that acquired immune deficiency syndrome is have not distribute to the general population and is still confined in the Occident to its original hazard grouping for over 12 years. These groupings are homoes and four drug users. Unlike other contagious sexual diseases, it is not distribute amongst work force and women alike. As a consequence whatever is causing acquired immune deficiency syndrome in the developed human race is not contagious and is locked in to the original hazard groups. In the United States acquired immune deficiency syndrome is still rare among women who are not drug users. In Africa however, it is a different narrative and acquired immune deficiency syndrome is distribute to both work force and women equally and children! Why is this so? Why the inconsistency.

There so many holes and incompatibilities in the HIV/AIDS statements that I believe since we are told that this is a crisis of planetary proportionalities we must look at things a new to stop this flagellum and disbursal on humanity.

Let us not bury that one clip we believed that bloodletting was a remedy for most diseases and that baccy is good for us. Now we cognize differently.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pentagon Admits 190,000 Weapons Are Missing In Iraq

The Independent, a newspaper based in Britain, published the followers study Tuesday from its correspondent, Prince Rupert Cornwell, in Washington. It is follows studies on CNN and other mass media mercantile establishments that the Pentagon acknowledges losing path of 190,000 assault rifles and handguns supplied by the United States to Iraki security military units in 2004 and 2005. The Pentagon additional states that the weaponry may have got fallen into the custody of insurgents.

The disclosure, by the guard dog Government Accountability business office (GAO) intends that the Pentagon makes not cognize what happened to roughly a 3rd of the weaponry it have provided to develop and fit Iraki military units - an attempt important to restoring some color of order in Iraq.

The unaccounted-for arms include 80,000 handguns plus an estimated 110,000 Soviet-made AK-47 assault rifles. Amnesty International studies that, during the same old age of 2004 and 2005, more than than 350,000 similar arms were removed from Bosnia And Herzegovina and Srbija by private contractors working for the Pentagon and sent to Iraq.

In addition, 135,000 pieces of organic structure armor and 115,000 helmets have got also disappeared, again perhaps to insurgents. To date, the United States have spent more than than $19 billion on developing the Iraki security forces, including almost $3 billion for weapons. (I can't assist thought how much wellness care, school books, Bridges and clinics that money would have got bought the taxpayers of the USA.)

According to the GAO, the statistical distribution of the arms was "haphazard and rushed," accusals the Pentagon makes not dispute. Ironically, during the old age under scrutiny, the arms programme was headed by General Saint David Petraeus.

He's the adult male whose study we all expect with bated breath in September -- the adult male whose version of the success or failure of the Republic Of Iraq warfare is the axis on which we tilt.

Our Congress, loath to stop the warfare thus far, maintains waiting for a "watershed moment."

How many such as minutes have got already passed while this state sat lulled by the prevarications on Fox News? How many such as minutes have got got been ignored by the Pentagon and the Congress, when any competent grouping would have said ENOUGH, THIS IS THE time TO end IT, once and for all?

In my view, missing 190,000 arms is not the public presentation of a military in control. It is the type of error made by incompetent, panicked, disorganized amateurs.