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Monday, November 12, 2007

Childhood Glories

The very sound of childhood is as refined as gold and silver. It's a word that many of us would wish to retrieve and associate it with our very own. What's nice is that most of us see that form of life as the most memorable. It will travel down with us in recollection for as long as we can maintain it in memory. And there are many particular grounds why being a kid once have got a deep impact on us even when we have grown tall and old.

For one, there is the sense of pure freedom. Complete and carefree. The home where you are you and cipher else, crystal clear and still not afraid of what people might state or believe about you. Not troubled by the alteration of weather condition or season. Sunshine, rainfall or cold you are constant. Happy and contented. You travel around taking in all the wonderments of the human race with smiles. You come up up with inquiries but never allow the replies maintain you worried sick. You play games with its true spirit simply, to have got merriment and make not acquire affected by whether you win or lose. You shout and your crying are real. You make something and you give your bosom to it.

There is a kid in each of us that we turn up with. That kid that never means to harm or destroy, that never pretends or envies, that never backbites or curses, that never interrupts a dear one's heart, that never scores or Judges but one that is pure, guiltless and capable of love, one that is true and genuine, one that lives only to distribute goodness around.

But we age and slowly go forth behind these aureate hints of rich childhood values. We abandon them for a human race of complexities. We actually travel looking for the things that would do us happy lone to recognize we have got left them behind where childhood glorifications reigned on high and that which actually belonged once to us. We are no more than capable of being a kid again because we have got traded it for a life of selfish additions and of mounting concerns and troubles.

Although that kid in us is still somewhere inside of us, speaking words of wisdom when we leap into foolish conclusions. We are too deaf to hear its faint voice because our ears are already full with voices of vernal lecherousness and the apparent mature advices. It is lost and forgotten; forsaken by our ain stupid instincts. But when the hope deceases down and you are lying low, tired of the worldly chase, there is this voice of comfortableness that gives you an self-assurance of beginning a new. For in the most cryptic way, a kid is a wise one. When you eschew all your dual mental images and pretenses, somehow when you turn ill of all the ageless pandemonium circling around you and you do up one's mind to go true to yourself again- just purely you and cipher else then perhaps you are giving another opportunity to allow the appeals of childhood glorifications visit you.

It's truly not possible to fathom the procedure of life that takes you from shore to shore, from artlessness to impurity, from here to there and back from there to the past but we all cognize what joyousness is. We cognize what would make us happy even though we might not always acquire there. In the long procedure of living, which ironically sometimes is too short, there is a phase that remains alive- the phase where you are actually flying on perfect wings, when cipher states you 'you're ugly or cruel' because a kid is never any of those. By any measurement or degree, children are one of God's top gifts. From appropriately being called a 'bundle of joy' to cunning sweet small ones, they are grounds for many happy occasions.

I can conceive of the human race no less, where streets are deserted and silenced by non-existent of children, where their shouts are no more than than heard or their laughter buried in neverland, where a alone one's bosom could otherwise be lightened simply by an guiltless expression in the face, where parents no longer name out their name calling for repasts inside, where their giggles no more ring out in tuneful music, where their games are no longer played on the Fields that expression pretty with them.It's no inquire how magically children touching our lives.

And yet with another twenty-four hours that deservingly belongs to them, it gives me homesick feelings of that charming form that swiftly passed me by. Most of us don't probably give a idea but what we had during that peculiar phase of life is so special. So much so, we ought to convey back those childhood glorifications alive again. Those are memories of gold. Maybe we should travel back in clip for old times' interest and touching the bosom of innocence. We would happen hoarded wealths to last us for a lifetime.

As for the children we have got today, I think it's their minute to allow the hair down and sing, dance or whatever they may,we cognize everything to make with them is pure bliss, pure goodness, pure innocence,there's nothing to fear as long as they acquire what children deserve.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kentucky - where Democrats hope more than the grass is blue

Kentucky is not usually thought of as a battlefield state in American politics. But these are not usual times, so what would ordinarily be a routine gubernatorial election in the state next hebdomad have grown into an intense partisan showdown, with deductions for both the presidential and congressional elections next year.

With the November 6 election just a hebdomad away, the incumbent Republican governor, Ernie Fletcher, is trailing Democratic rival Steve Beshear by a double-digit margin in most polls.

But there's another award Bluegrass State Democrats seek that is arguably bigger, at least emotionally, than the governor's sign of the zodiac - they trust a Beshear win can put the basis for the licking in 2008 of four-term Republican senator Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate political party and a adult male Democrats have got repeatedly accused of using obstructor tactics on Iraq, wellness attention and other issues.

"We are not going only to win and win big. We are going to put the phase for 2008 when we are going to turn Bluegrass State blue," declares Bluegrass State state financial officer Jonathan Miller, who also functions as president of the state's Democratic party. "And the greatest ground is that both on the state degree and the national level, the Republicans had their opportunity to take and they blew it."

Mr Fletcher, a physician and former three-term congresswoman serving his first term as governor, was indicted in May 2006 by a state expansive jury on misdemeanour complaints related to his administration's hiring practices. The complaints were eventually dropped as portion of a colony with the state lawyer full general but the harm was done. In September, Mister John John Fletcher could only earn a 38% blessing evaluation from Bluegrass State voters.

Democrats have got pinned their hopes on Mister Beshear, a former lieutenant governor and lawyer full general of Kentucky, who have hammered away at the corruptness theme.

The state is heavily Democratic in footing of voter-registration, and the last seven governors before Fletcher were all Democrats. But the enrollment Numbers contradict a societal conservativism that brands it tilt strongly Republican on national issues.

Kentucky have voted Republican in five of the last seven presidential elections, with Bill Bill Clinton carrying the state both modern times he ran. Both senators are conservative Republicans as well, so Republican secret agents look to have got recent history on their side in dismissing Democratic claims about a surge.

"That sort of talking is certainly overblown," said Jason Keller, communication theory manager for the John Fletcher campaign. "What you will see here in the governor's race is that Bluegrass State is a conservative state. Kentuckians don't desire to see their taxations raised; they don't desire to see a distended inefficient government, and, by and large, they are pro-life. Those are the issues that are going to make up one's mind this at the end of the day."

Still, Mister John Fletcher trails badly in most studies and is expected to lose. If that happens, then Democrats will begin eyeing Mister McConnell, who is an inviting mark for respective reasons. His support for the administration's scheme in Republic Of Republic Of Iraq have made him less popular at home, particularly since he have been instrumental in turning back the many Democratic attempts to dispute the president on Iraq. On one recent survey, 55% of Kentuckians disagreed with Mister McConnell on the war.

And after having their Senate leader, Uncle Tom Daschle, toppled in the elections of 2004, Democrats would wish the opportunity to go back the favour.

"The Democrat is political party is leaner and meaner," states Mister Gunterman, who runs a Website called . "With the tide going against [McConnell] on Republic Of Iraq and with the conservative motion kind of imploding, he was vulnerable and you could see that."

The Democratic Senatorial political campaign commission have already run advertisements against Mister McConnell. Anti-war and clean-government communals have got joined in the fray. The Bluegrass State subdivision of the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labour-Congress of Industrial Organisations) have launched a political campaign with the tagline "It's Our Time".

But there is, as of the moment, one catch: there is no Democratic rival to Mister McConnell. Mister Miller, the political party chair, states they are waiting until after the governor's election.

"We'll have got a great campaigner and that campaigner will be adequately funded," he said. Mister Glenn Miller was regarded as possible rival but have taken himself out of the race, confidently predicting that he will be helping a newly elected Democratic governor set up a new administration.

Much of the guess about other potentiality rivals centres on Ben Chandler, a congresswoman and boy of a former governor, who himself lost the governor's race to Mister John Fletcher four old age ago. The Bluegrass State lawyer general, Greg Stumbo, is raising money in readying for a challenge. The state auditor, Crit Luallen, who is also up for re-election next week, and Louisville lawyer and former Devil Dog Saint Andrew Horne are also in the mix.

Republicans take a firm stand that the Democratic optimism is misplaced. "I don't cognize why they are so confident when they can't even happen an opposition for him," states Rebekah Fisher, of the National Republican Senatorial committee, the political campaign arm of the Senate Republicans.

A recent poll, conducted for a local telecasting station, showed Mister McConnell with less that 50% support, but he beat out all of his challengers by at least five points in the same poll. Mister Raymond Chandler may show the toughest challenge: he trailed McConnell 46% to 41% inch the poll.

"I'm not certain where they are getting their information that he's vulnerable," said Mister Fisher.

In truth, it is less about information and more than about an overall sense that Saint George Bush's handling of Republic Of Iraq is creating chances for Democrats where they once did not exist.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Nigeria - India's Gateway To The African Goldmine

Chasing People'S Republic Of China in resource-rich Africa, Prime Curate Manmohan Singh who flew to Federal Republic Of Nigeria on Lord'S Day in the first state visit there by an Indian premier curate in 45 years. Energy-starved India have been courting oil-rich African states in recent years. Federal Republic Of Nigeria already supplies for 11 percentage of India's petroleum oil supply, and Nalin Surie, a foreign ministry official, told newsmen that Republic Of Republic Of Republic Of Republic Of India would seek deeper energy ties.

Expressing assurance Dr Singh said India can go on to prolong a growing charge per unit of between nine and 10 per cent with limitless chances to abroad communities to lend towards it.

"India have entered an exciting new phase. It is a vivacious and self-confident nation. I ask for you all to lend your spirit, endeavor and enterprise in the service of your homeland," he told the Indian community at a response hosted in his honor. Calling Republic Of Republic Of India 'a stopping point spouse in Africa's resurgence', Dr Singh Monday unveiled a new vision of strategical partnership between India and Federal Republic Of Nigeria based on energy demands ,security and common positions on planetary issues in his historical computer address to the joint session of the Nigerian parliament.

"We are approaching the fiftieth twelvemonth of the constitution of our diplomatic relations. There can be no better juncture than to establish a strategical partnership between Republic Of India and Nigeria. It will be anchored in the past and expression to the future. Republic Of India is the biggest democracy in the world. Federal Republic Of Nigeria is the biggest democracy in Africa. We are multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual societies. Our societies encompass modernness while preserving their traditions. There is a natural logic in neckties between the two countries." said the Indian Prime Curate in his address

Dr Singh made the Indian Interest on Federal Republic Of Nigeria very clear and blunt when he said "It is a partnership for energy security. Nigeria's rich natural resources supply the alkali for our mutually good cooperation for energy security. Republic Of Republic Of India and Federal Republic Of Nigeria should also advance research and development in efficiency of energy production, clean engineerings and renewable beginnings of energy."

After such as a long time interval a visit of the Highest Very Important Person from India to that state presumes all the more than importance looking into the planetary position of the changing contour lines of International political relation and Africa's emerging function in it. Four understandings will be signed during the visit. India's Foreign Service Institute and the Nigerian Foreign Service Academy will subscribe a memoranda of apprehension (MoU). The Indian Council for World Personal Business and the Nigerian Institute for World Personal Business will subscribe another MoU. A communications protocol on foreign business office audiences and another on defence cooperation too will be signed.

The two states will finalize an all-embracing docket for near energy and joint economical partnership based on new oil geographic expedition blocks and substructure developments as well as a clear cut scheme for diversifying dealings between them. The focusing will be on improving connectivity and expanding isobilateral trade, which is currently estimated to be around $8 billion.

In the approaching six months, understandings on dual revenue enhancement turning away understanding and isobilateral investing and protection would be signed .Another treaty on isobilateral air service understanding are also likely to be finalized by April 2008. An extradition pact and an understanding on scientific discipline and engineering would be ready by then.

In a planetary linguistic context Dr Singh made the ends for both the states very clear when he said, "a partnership to maneuver the planetary economical and political docket towards addressing the legitimate concerns of developing countries." Stressing the importance of friendly neckties between Republic Of Republic Of India and Africa dating back to a shared history of historical battle based on Gandhian ways against colonialism and apartheid and with an optimistic image of the continent's resurgent growing with India playing a cardinal function in it the Prime Curate sounded very positive.

'We visualize an Africa that is self-reliant, economically vivacious and at peace with itself and the world. It is this promise that our partnership with Africa seeks to fulfill. Republic Of India will offer its fullest cooperation to harness the great potentiality of the African people. We seek to go close spouses in Africa's resurgence,' declared Dr Singh

India's route map towards Africa was made very clear during this visit which can be understood from the focusing of the Prime Minister's statement. With development being a cardinal factor in it. "We will share our experiences with African states on holistic attacks to development. We will work closely with the African Union in promoting the accomplishment of internationally agreed developmental goals."

With Republic Of India hosting the adjacent India-Africa acme in Old Delhi adjacent twelvemonth land for a common fate was made clear in this visit. "We necessitate to set up a sustained duologue with Africa to place joint attacks on international issues such as as combating terrorism, atomic disarmament, proliferation of weaponry of mass destruction, trafficking of little arms and narcotics. Republic Of India will work with Africa in the countries of peacekeeping and peace-building. I believe that Republic Of India and Africa have got a shared fate and a common future. Ours is a human relationship that must now be brought to full bloom. Let us work together to do this happen" declared Dr Singh.

With a new focusing on India's attack towards Africa one can trust for a new and very of import beginning in the approaching time. With immense chances for Republic Of India in a development Africa potentialities are huge. The demand of the hr is a long sustained and focused attack and the Indian Prime Curate have rightly done that. This demands to be sustained in the long run. With respective western countries, United States Soviet Union and People'S Republic Of China focusing deeply on Africa Republic Of Republic Of India cannot afford to free out in this international game of geo political relation based on economical platform .Nigeria could be a launching pad of paper for India in her long term involvement towards Africa. In fact the cardinal to the gold mine called Africa lies in Nigeria's manus and it depends whether Republic Of India can throw that cardinal on the long run.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Political Research - Praying for Rain on Election Day

Running for business office at any degree necessitates a countless of skills. Resourcing, outsourcing, researching, monetary fund raising, run-blocking, slug dodging, narrative spinning...and, er, maintaining brevity of message. Over the past twenty old age as a political and mass media consultant, there is one desirable accomplishment I have got yet to obtain. I can't command the weather.

Don't worry, my desire is not to out-maneuver the Justice League of United States and tumble human race authorities with some expansive secret plan worthy of the comics.

Research and polling are, of course, portion of any comprehensive attack to election twenty-four hours success. If you have got a little budget, make random polls of 50 people in your district. If you have got the funds, hire a professional house to map the landscape.

We all cognize that this research

1) ascertains your chance of success and

2) secret plans the way to success.

It is of import to recognize that it also can demo you under what statuses success is most likely. How will you experience if it is in your best involvement for most of the electorate to remain home?

Even when you perfectly research and analyze, sometimes a lucky event is needed. Bite the slug and acknowledge you are in it to win; pray for rainfall and allow them remain home.

Even when you have got got done all the research and have all the information at your disposal, you lose the critical connection. Sucking it up and larn a difficult lesson, for not even rainfall may salvage you. I have got a good illustration of this situation.

As mass media adviser for the 2006 Lone-Star State U.S. Senatorial candidate, I did extended research. No premises were made. The campaigner was Barbara Ann Radnofsky – a last name too hard for traditional acknowledgment techniques, like repetition. The political campaign planned an full mass media attack around the name "Barbara Ann." How much more than Texan can you acquire than "Barbara Ann?" Nightlong the pace mark and bumper spine designing changed. Print mass media and streamers at events displayed "Barbara Ann." Most made the premise that the label "Barbara Ann" was the best choice. I did not.

Experienced political advisers are cautious: too many years, too many assumptions, too many burns. In polling, I included inquiries about "Barbara Ann." The most basic inquiry was, "Do you like the name 'Barbara Ann?'" Twenty-one percentage did not. This per centum drop into two age and ethnical groups. The old pace marks were still sitting in storage. We could have got easily distributed them on a geo-demographic basis. We could have got easily customized electronic mails to these groups.

But it was too late. So, make your research. Never waver to run a arrested development of one statistic against another. Always opinion poll on inquiries that challenge your core premises and strategy.

Be ready to pray for rain.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Union endorses Obama; Bayh endorses Clinton

From Mark Preston CNN Political Editor

Washington (CNN) -- Two of the prima campaigners for the Democratic presidential nomination each proclaimed a labor union blurb Monday and one received the championship of a senior member of Congress.

Presidential campaigner Sen. Barack Obama talks after being endorsed by a New House Of York rectification officers' union

Sen. Edmund Hillary Clinton, D-New York, announced the championship of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, an organisation that touts a rank of 100,000 "skilled masonry-trowel trades craftworkers."

Later in the day, Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Indiana, endorsed Bill Bill Clinton for president.

"I believe that the adjacent president of the United States must be experienced and seasoned, must be smart and must be tough," said Bayh, who once considered a presidential run. "And I believe that Edmund Hillary Bill Bill Clinton is all of these things and more."

unveiled her labor labor labor union blurb soon after news leaked that Sen. Barack , D-Illinois, would head to Clinton's place sod to uncover his ain union endorsement.

The Correction Officers' Beneficent Association, a New House Of York City union that stands for 9,000 jailhouse workers, announced they are backing him at a late morning time news conference. Don't Miss

Also Monday, veteran soldier Ioway Democratic secret agent Gordon Hans Fischer announced he is throwing his support behind Obama's White Person House command -- a cardinal blurb for the senator in the early caucus state that topographic points a insurance premium on political campaign organization.

"Like all Democrats I am despairing to win the White Person House, and I am absolutely convinced Sen. Obama is the campaigner who have the best opportunity against any Republican in the field," Fischer, the state's former Democratic political party chairman, said in a conference phone call with reporters.

While blurbs are often seen as a mark of a candidate's strength within the political class, the support of labor unions is particularly of import because these organisations often supply a motivated grouping of land military personnel to work on behalf of the candidate.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Illegal Immigration - The Solution

From a address given by Rebel Oops the principal fictional character in a novel by the same name at the greatest drive-in film left in the Country at the Arizona/Mexican border.

I have got the solution to our in-migration job with United Mexican States my friends. It came to me in a dream. I don't intend to be blasphemous, but I believe I was inspired by you cognize who on this one.

What we have got to make is only allow the wealthiest Mexican's into the Country, not the poorest, as legal citizens, not illegal immigrants. We should bear down a caput taxation of $10,000 per grownup and $40,000 per kid assuming our societal social welfare costs of free schooling and medical disbursals are going to be higher for those that unrecorded longer. That would convey in $100,000 per norm household of four. Those that are born here are place free.

Assuming that lone 1 million affluent Mexicans were willing and able to take advantage of this each twelvemonth (there are more than of them than you think) that would give us an estimated 1 billion a twelvemonth and salvage us millions more of societal societal social welfare costs on the twelve to twenty million illegal immigrant Mexicans we would no longer let into this Country.

At the same clip as we make this we could put up a social welfare recognition with the twelve million illegal Mexican immigrants who remain place or travel place of $1000 a year. They would have got to pay their ain transportation system costs back to United Mexican States or walk across the border, but we would supply an eternal supply of gym shoes if necessary free of charge. That would be us only 120.000,000 dollars poetries the current cost of millions in societal social welfare expenses, and we could utilize portion of the 1 billion dollars we accumulate from the affluent Mexican immigrants to pay for it. I would also attain an understanding with the Mexican authorities to utilize another $250,000,000 of our yearly immigrant caput taxation gross to fund a free entrepreneurial, construct your ain concern type, of free trade zone as far away from our boundary line with United Mexican States as you can get. It is just possible that a figure of these newly subsidised mediocre Mexicans will go affluent themselves in this taxation free zone, and desire to immigrate legally to the United States, paying the caput taxation for themselves and their family, and thus dynamically increasing our return from the immigrant caput tax. This is a win, win situation.

Am Iodine superb or what? I always knew I was a genius. Bash you cognize how much mediocre Mexicans can purchase in their ain state with $1000 a year? They will no longer desire to come up here as long as we maintain paying them, and they acquire that annual stipend whether they work or not. Pretty soon Mexican concerns would have got to begin paying their workers more to acquire them to travel to work. Why should they work for about a dollar a twenty-four hours when they can assure not to immigrate and do close to three modern times that amount for doing nothing? That's capitalism at work. That's The Dialectic Rationalization of Materialism word form of capitalist economy other Countries only daydream of. I told you it pays to be greedy.

As to the inexpensive labour crisis this mightiness cause, I have got the solution to that too. Rich Person you people ever heard of Robots? Where is the engineering that made this state great? Bash you intend to state me we can't construct and programme a Automaton smart adequate to pick maize or strawberries? Well strawberries might be a job unless you were looking for strawberry puree. Nothing is perfect is it? But let's not bury the sense of invention that made this Country great. If we tin do Robots that tin execute medical operations, we ought to be able to bring forth 1s that can choice strawberries without squashing them.

If the Republican and Democratic Parties are really worried about losing all those ballots when billions of illegal immigrants don't go citizens, we could give the Robots a limited word form of technological citizenship and the right to vote, but not the right to unionize, or civil rights, or the rights to free schooling or medical care, and we have got to make certain they are not preprogrammed as to who to vote for by the manufacturer. They would have got to be enticed into ballot by who ever offered them the best trade on substitution parts and given some cognitive ability to understand a basic wage for vote type deal. Don't be scared we are not really going to learn them how to believe independently. We are going to restrict their thought ability to that of your norm ape or chimpanzee. You don't see many of them voting, or do you?

And while we are at it, let's make damn certain that our Robots are all American, stamped made in America, and talk English. That should make the fast one nicely. I am really getting excited about this, how about you?

This is really easy for a guru like me who have the 'word'. I am definitely getting the hang of modern twenty-four hours political job solving. I believe when I am through with this project; I am going to turn my attending to Global Warming. Get ready world, things are going to acquire so hot around here that you might believe you are in Acapulco De Juarez or Cancun, United Mexican States in the center of the summer. Isn't life wonderful? The hereafter is ours for the taking.

MLMF (More future my friends)


Please feel free to utilize this article as long as recognition is given to the resource box. © Chester A. Arthur Levine 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ron Paul - Personal Beliefs vs Political Beliefs

There looks to be some confusion about what Bokkos Paul's purposes might be in running for President. He certainly desires to go president, but believe about the grounds why:

  • Reduce the size of the Federal Soldier Soldier government.
  • Restore American constitutional values.
  • Protect personal liberty.
  • Create existent value in the American economical system.
  • Make the Federal authorities work for the people not the corporations.
  • Create duty and answerability in government

He have the vision to make this and I believe every American would wish to see all of this come up true. I also believe that there is a tide of support beginning to swell for him. People are fed up with large authorities providing whatever the large corps need. And making themselves rich in the process. (See sum irresponsibleness in loaning by both borrowers and lenders, etc.)

We are also becoming Federal Soldier up with the use of our pecuniary system for the good of the Banks and growing taxation measures to feed an ever money hungry Federal disbursement machine that looks to have got a bent for cachexia as much as possible. Imperialism looks to be on the rise, especially in this disposal and Americans turn tired of policing the human race at their cost in both lives and dollars.

We desire to be free to make up one's mind for ourselves what we believe is right. That is what our Democracy is all about. Free states that are supported by the Federal Soldier government; not ruled by it.

And yes, Dr. Alice Paul is against abortion, a god-fearing Christian and many other things that we all (including me) make not hold with all of the time. But his passionateness for personal freedom and emancipation from Federal Soldier regulation that we all unrecorded under give us protection from a President that would seek to coerce anything like this upon us. The society we dwell in now makes not protect us from this at all; it facilitates this sort of oppressive rule.

Ron Alice Paul can get the end of all that we would wish to see go. Just give him a chance; listen to what he states and believe that United States is ready for this. We all privation to be free and we all tin be!. We just necessitate to begin somewhere and Bokkos Alice Paul have helped us happen that starting line.