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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ron Paul - Personal Beliefs vs Political Beliefs

There looks to be some confusion about what Bokkos Paul's purposes might be in running for President. He certainly desires to go president, but believe about the grounds why:

  • Reduce the size of the Federal Soldier Soldier government.
  • Restore American constitutional values.
  • Protect personal liberty.
  • Create existent value in the American economical system.
  • Make the Federal authorities work for the people not the corporations.
  • Create duty and answerability in government

He have the vision to make this and I believe every American would wish to see all of this come up true. I also believe that there is a tide of support beginning to swell for him. People are fed up with large authorities providing whatever the large corps need. And making themselves rich in the process. (See sum irresponsibleness in loaning by both borrowers and lenders, etc.)

We are also becoming Federal Soldier up with the use of our pecuniary system for the good of the Banks and growing taxation measures to feed an ever money hungry Federal disbursement machine that looks to have got a bent for cachexia as much as possible. Imperialism looks to be on the rise, especially in this disposal and Americans turn tired of policing the human race at their cost in both lives and dollars.

We desire to be free to make up one's mind for ourselves what we believe is right. That is what our Democracy is all about. Free states that are supported by the Federal Soldier government; not ruled by it.

And yes, Dr. Alice Paul is against abortion, a god-fearing Christian and many other things that we all (including me) make not hold with all of the time. But his passionateness for personal freedom and emancipation from Federal Soldier regulation that we all unrecorded under give us protection from a President that would seek to coerce anything like this upon us. The society we dwell in now makes not protect us from this at all; it facilitates this sort of oppressive rule.

Ron Alice Paul can get the end of all that we would wish to see go. Just give him a chance; listen to what he states and believe that United States is ready for this. We all privation to be free and we all tin be!. We just necessitate to begin somewhere and Bokkos Alice Paul have helped us happen that starting line.


Outa said...

Nothing like repeating the disrespectful original post. Thankfully when I pulled it up I realized it's the same rudeness from another blog from yesterday. I won't waste my time to read it when you can't even be respectful. What a waste of time. Grow up and show some respect whether you like a candidate or not. What are you 12?

Webmaster said...

It's Ronald Ernest Paul.

By the way, Bill Richardson gets a 0% for being on the side of the taxpayer.

JOhn said...

Why is a democratic blogger bashing on Ron Paul? You do know that Ron Paul is running for the Republican Nomination, right? No matter what you say about Ron Paul now will change the fact that a republican will be nominated to run for President against a democrat, so if you are working to get Bill Richardson the nod, maybe you should start focusing on the fifferences between Richardson and the Hillary, Obama and Edwards camp. Just a thought.