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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Union endorses Obama; Bayh endorses Clinton

From Mark Preston CNN Political Editor

Washington (CNN) -- Two of the prima campaigners for the Democratic presidential nomination each proclaimed a labor union blurb Monday and one received the championship of a senior member of Congress.

Presidential campaigner Sen. Barack Obama talks after being endorsed by a New House Of York rectification officers' union

Sen. Edmund Hillary Clinton, D-New York, announced the championship of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, an organisation that touts a rank of 100,000 "skilled masonry-trowel trades craftworkers."

Later in the day, Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Indiana, endorsed Bill Bill Clinton for president.

"I believe that the adjacent president of the United States must be experienced and seasoned, must be smart and must be tough," said Bayh, who once considered a presidential run. "And I believe that Edmund Hillary Bill Bill Clinton is all of these things and more."

unveiled her labor labor labor union blurb soon after news leaked that Sen. Barack , D-Illinois, would head to Clinton's place sod to uncover his ain union endorsement.

The Correction Officers' Beneficent Association, a New House Of York City union that stands for 9,000 jailhouse workers, announced they are backing him at a late morning time news conference. Don't Miss

Also Monday, veteran soldier Ioway Democratic secret agent Gordon Hans Fischer announced he is throwing his support behind Obama's White Person House command -- a cardinal blurb for the senator in the early caucus state that topographic points a insurance premium on political campaign organization.

"Like all Democrats I am despairing to win the White Person House, and I am absolutely convinced Sen. Obama is the campaigner who have the best opportunity against any Republican in the field," Fischer, the state's former Democratic political party chairman, said in a conference phone call with reporters.

While blurbs are often seen as a mark of a candidate's strength within the political class, the support of labor unions is particularly of import because these organisations often supply a motivated grouping of land military personnel to work on behalf of the candidate.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Illegal Immigration - The Solution

From a address given by Rebel Oops the principal fictional character in a novel by the same name at the greatest drive-in film left in the Country at the Arizona/Mexican border.

I have got the solution to our in-migration job with United Mexican States my friends. It came to me in a dream. I don't intend to be blasphemous, but I believe I was inspired by you cognize who on this one.

What we have got to make is only allow the wealthiest Mexican's into the Country, not the poorest, as legal citizens, not illegal immigrants. We should bear down a caput taxation of $10,000 per grownup and $40,000 per kid assuming our societal social welfare costs of free schooling and medical disbursals are going to be higher for those that unrecorded longer. That would convey in $100,000 per norm household of four. Those that are born here are place free.

Assuming that lone 1 million affluent Mexicans were willing and able to take advantage of this each twelvemonth (there are more than of them than you think) that would give us an estimated 1 billion a twelvemonth and salvage us millions more of societal societal social welfare costs on the twelve to twenty million illegal immigrant Mexicans we would no longer let into this Country.

At the same clip as we make this we could put up a social welfare recognition with the twelve million illegal Mexican immigrants who remain place or travel place of $1000 a year. They would have got to pay their ain transportation system costs back to United Mexican States or walk across the border, but we would supply an eternal supply of gym shoes if necessary free of charge. That would be us only 120.000,000 dollars poetries the current cost of millions in societal social welfare expenses, and we could utilize portion of the 1 billion dollars we accumulate from the affluent Mexican immigrants to pay for it. I would also attain an understanding with the Mexican authorities to utilize another $250,000,000 of our yearly immigrant caput taxation gross to fund a free entrepreneurial, construct your ain concern type, of free trade zone as far away from our boundary line with United Mexican States as you can get. It is just possible that a figure of these newly subsidised mediocre Mexicans will go affluent themselves in this taxation free zone, and desire to immigrate legally to the United States, paying the caput taxation for themselves and their family, and thus dynamically increasing our return from the immigrant caput tax. This is a win, win situation.

Am Iodine superb or what? I always knew I was a genius. Bash you cognize how much mediocre Mexicans can purchase in their ain state with $1000 a year? They will no longer desire to come up here as long as we maintain paying them, and they acquire that annual stipend whether they work or not. Pretty soon Mexican concerns would have got to begin paying their workers more to acquire them to travel to work. Why should they work for about a dollar a twenty-four hours when they can assure not to immigrate and do close to three modern times that amount for doing nothing? That's capitalism at work. That's The Dialectic Rationalization of Materialism word form of capitalist economy other Countries only daydream of. I told you it pays to be greedy.

As to the inexpensive labour crisis this mightiness cause, I have got the solution to that too. Rich Person you people ever heard of Robots? Where is the engineering that made this state great? Bash you intend to state me we can't construct and programme a Automaton smart adequate to pick maize or strawberries? Well strawberries might be a job unless you were looking for strawberry puree. Nothing is perfect is it? But let's not bury the sense of invention that made this Country great. If we tin do Robots that tin execute medical operations, we ought to be able to bring forth 1s that can choice strawberries without squashing them.

If the Republican and Democratic Parties are really worried about losing all those ballots when billions of illegal immigrants don't go citizens, we could give the Robots a limited word form of technological citizenship and the right to vote, but not the right to unionize, or civil rights, or the rights to free schooling or medical care, and we have got to make certain they are not preprogrammed as to who to vote for by the manufacturer. They would have got to be enticed into ballot by who ever offered them the best trade on substitution parts and given some cognitive ability to understand a basic wage for vote type deal. Don't be scared we are not really going to learn them how to believe independently. We are going to restrict their thought ability to that of your norm ape or chimpanzee. You don't see many of them voting, or do you?

And while we are at it, let's make damn certain that our Robots are all American, stamped made in America, and talk English. That should make the fast one nicely. I am really getting excited about this, how about you?

This is really easy for a guru like me who have the 'word'. I am definitely getting the hang of modern twenty-four hours political job solving. I believe when I am through with this project; I am going to turn my attending to Global Warming. Get ready world, things are going to acquire so hot around here that you might believe you are in Acapulco De Juarez or Cancun, United Mexican States in the center of the summer. Isn't life wonderful? The hereafter is ours for the taking.

MLMF (More future my friends)


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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ron Paul - Personal Beliefs vs Political Beliefs

There looks to be some confusion about what Bokkos Paul's purposes might be in running for President. He certainly desires to go president, but believe about the grounds why:

  • Reduce the size of the Federal Soldier Soldier government.
  • Restore American constitutional values.
  • Protect personal liberty.
  • Create existent value in the American economical system.
  • Make the Federal authorities work for the people not the corporations.
  • Create duty and answerability in government

He have the vision to make this and I believe every American would wish to see all of this come up true. I also believe that there is a tide of support beginning to swell for him. People are fed up with large authorities providing whatever the large corps need. And making themselves rich in the process. (See sum irresponsibleness in loaning by both borrowers and lenders, etc.)

We are also becoming Federal Soldier up with the use of our pecuniary system for the good of the Banks and growing taxation measures to feed an ever money hungry Federal disbursement machine that looks to have got a bent for cachexia as much as possible. Imperialism looks to be on the rise, especially in this disposal and Americans turn tired of policing the human race at their cost in both lives and dollars.

We desire to be free to make up one's mind for ourselves what we believe is right. That is what our Democracy is all about. Free states that are supported by the Federal Soldier government; not ruled by it.

And yes, Dr. Alice Paul is against abortion, a god-fearing Christian and many other things that we all (including me) make not hold with all of the time. But his passionateness for personal freedom and emancipation from Federal Soldier regulation that we all unrecorded under give us protection from a President that would seek to coerce anything like this upon us. The society we dwell in now makes not protect us from this at all; it facilitates this sort of oppressive rule.

Ron Alice Paul can get the end of all that we would wish to see go. Just give him a chance; listen to what he states and believe that United States is ready for this. We all privation to be free and we all tin be!. We just necessitate to begin somewhere and Bokkos Alice Paul have helped us happen that starting line.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Obama jabs Hillary Clinton on health care in San Francisco


(09-07) 17:11 PDT San Francisco --
Democratic presidential campaigner Sen. Barack Obama took a swipe Friday at main challenger Sen. Edmund Hillary Rodham Bill Clinton on one of her signature issues - wellness attention - saying in San Francisco that many powerbrokers in the nation's working capital have got failed to lift above political relation to supply better, less dearly-won wellness attention for Americans.

"There are those who tout their experience workings in the system in American Capital ... the job is, the system in American Capital isn't working for us," Obama said. "We've been talking about the wellness attention crisis in this state for decennaries and yet through Republican and Democratic administrations, we failed to act."

Clinton, as first lady, led the unsuccessful attempts to reform the wellness attention system during the first two old age of the disposal of her husband, President Bill Clinton. She have pledged as the prima Democratic campaigner for president to seek again to reform the system, which many experts state is too dearly-won and doesn't supply quality attention to adequate Americans.

Obama, speaking Friday before an enthusiastic grouping of about 1,500 at an event billed as "Women for Obama," project himself as a title-holder of women's rights and for issues critical to Democratic electors such as as wellness care, instruction and the environment.

"Too many people in American Capital see political relation as a game - and that is why I believe this election cannot just be about who plays the game better," said Obama, 46, a first-term Illinois senator. "It have to be about who's putting an end to the game plan."

Obama was greeted with enthusiastic cheers as he emerged in lawsuit and necktie at the Bill Billy Graham Civic Auditorium, shaking the custody of tons of his protagonists on phase before a crowd of mostly women.

"I'm lucky adequate to dwell ... with three 'Women for Obama' in my house," he joked, referring to his married woman and two daughters. "I don't always acquire this reception."

Supporters paid $2,300 to go to an sole response and $250 to sit down in the cavernous hallway for a box luncheon of water, joint beef cattle sandwich, a elf and an apple - but 100s of seating in the upper balcony remained unfilled even though the senator's campaign, in the years before the event, offered a lowered $25 ticket price.

Though Obama stuck primarily to his tree stump speech, he won cheers and respective standing standing ovations by acknowledging the importance of women electors and pounding issues that are on the top of many of their minds.

"Women have got always made the difference in every election," he told the crowd, "and this year, your voice, your hope will be the crucial factors in forging a new hereafter for America."

Though he didn't advert Bill Clinton by name, his perennial mentions to himself as campaigner offering alteration and a position from outside the American Capital Beltway were an unmistakable comparing to the New House Of York senator, who canvasses show is the Democratic front-runner for the 2008 nomination in a crowded field.

"There are easier picks that you can do in this election, people who will follow the well worn grooves, " he said, "people who will present ... pretty much more than of the same."

Obama's address was portion of a three-day visit to California, including an visual aspect Thursday nighttime at a Pacific Ocean High fundraiser.

He is scheduled to look today at a twelve noon mass meeting at the City College of Santa Barbara and later will go to an sole fundraiser at the Montecito estate of talking show host and mass media baron Oprah Winfrey - an event expected to raise as much as $3.5 million.

With five calendar months until the Feb. Five Golden State presidential primary, Obama is trying to interest a claim for Democratic women electors - a constituency aggressively courted by the political campaign of Clinton, who have amassed a 30-point lead in state polls.

But Obama's state co-chairs, San Francisco District Lawyer Kamala Townsend Harris and Los Angeles Accountant Laura Chick, urged the largely female audience to fall in his movement.

"We have got got in Barack Obama person who believes every twenty-four hours - as he looks at his girls and have he looks as his married woman ... an individual who will dedicate himself every twenty-four hours to the issues that impact women," Townsend Harris said.

Author Ayelet Waldman of Berkeley, who graduated in the same Harvard University University law social class as Obama, endorses his tally for president over Clinton, although "I've been a women's rightist my whole life, and I was raised on Betty Freidan."

She said she would wish to see the Democratic campaigners on "an Obama-Clinton ticket."

Michael Semler, a professor of political relation at CSU-Sacramento said Obama have capitalized on his position as a fresh human face in the Democratic presidential race - but now confronts a turning point.

"It's a long political campaign season, some of the exhilaration have worn off and he have to renew some of the excitement," Semler said. "I'm waiting for him to be something different than a great human face and story."

The chief challenge, Semler said, is that "Hillary is clearly the front-runner ... and she have the most formidable squad imaginable, starting with her husband. They have got been through national warfares before and cognize the landscape."

"Everyone else is in the catch-up manner - including Obama. He can't wait for Edmund Hillary to trip," Semler said. "He have to bring forth some love ... and I don't cognize where he's going to acquire it."

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Barack Obama Strategy In Florida: Win Cuban-American Votes

Washington D.C. 9/5/2007 12:46 americium Greenwich Mean Time (FINDITT)

Many analysts believe that the declaration of Senator Barack Obama that he will allow unrestricted remittals and visits of Cuban-American to Republic Of Cuba will hike his opportunities of getting bulk ballots in Florida. According to many analysts, Sunshine State had always been the battlefield when it come ups to the presidential election. Note that former-president Ronald Reagan’s heavy accent on the Cuban-American votes in the 1980s election made him win the elections. Even former-President Bill Bill Clinton himself wowed the Cuban-American ballots during his term and was rewarded with a heavy turn-out of votes that helped him win the presidential election.

According to the , Edmund Hillary Bill Clinton have twice the support as Obama. This is a strategical move by Obama to do this early primary competitive.

Although Obama’s declaration on Republic Of Cuba may win him ballots in Florida, many political perceivers believe that such as statements may do him to loss votes in other countries of the country. According to observers, the manner Senator Obama manages foreign policy is irregular that many people would not trust him when it come ups to handling sensitive issues. Former Bay State governor Hand Romney, a Republican presidential candidate, did not really soften words when he criticized Senator Obama on the issue of Cuba. According to Romney, Senator Obama is showing his weak side. Romney believes that Senator Obama cannot even support the American values and face the enemies of the nation.

The sentiment of Romney is echoed by bulk of the members of the Democratic Party. In a recent opinion poll conducted by CNN, a big bulk of the members of the Democratic Party believes Senator Edmund Hillary Bill Clinton have more than experience and political volition to manage the states foreign policies.

For opinion poll consequences update daily,